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Content still the winner within social media

Content still the winner within social media

In a recent ClickZ/YouTube Social Media forum, President and CEO of Technorati Richard Jalichandra pointed out that social media sites, such as Facebook or YouTube, wouldn't make it without a great content strategy, ClickZ writer Aaron Kahlow wrote Thursday.

"Simply put, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are channels for us to post snippets of content to drive folks to a much deeper, more meaningful place of content, and they aren't original," he states.

The Associated Press has been sending out lots of small pieces of content, very quickly, to its members since the mid-1800s. When a journalist would pull something off the AP wire, he would likely go look into it further.

Today, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites are performing almost the same function, Kahlow explains:

"If you want to use social media and see a return, you must decide what content you'll use to engage your audience beyond the initial communication. Will you send them to a good blog, a forum to discuss the issue, or a white paper or microsite to learn more? Will you build these things and maintain them? Or will you partner with someone so your audience goes to your partner for the content, where you'll have your call to action embedded?"

Meanwhile, according to an OfficialWire article, Lawrence Perry writes that companies are increasingly frustrated with social media. It's touted as being free or cheap, and delivering "outstanding results." Yet, a cause for that frustration is that even though it is lower in cost to produce, success hinges on investing a lot of time into making it just right.

"And anyone who is busy seven days a week knows that you might as well call time money," he writes, adding that good time investment for social media usually involves hiring a virtual assistant to take care of social media-related tasks. Virtual assistant companies are highly competitive, and can take care of social media related to the company for a few hours a day.


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