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CoveritLive to launch content-monetizing live-blogging kit

CoveritLive to launch content-monetizing live-blogging kit

Live-blogging technology company CoveritLive on Tuesday will launch a new version of its software that will allow publishers to monetize live-blogging content. The provider's software is already used by many UK news organisations, and the new version, CiL Premium, will target larger news organisations, reported.

Earlier this month, the Northampton Chronicle and Echo used CoveritLive to run a day-long reader discussion, and regularly uses it to cover sporting events, such as away games of local teams.

CiL Premium will give publishers an option to share ad revenue with CoveritLive, instead of paying for the software. Ads can be placed within the live-blog. However, publishers can opt for no advertising by paying a monthly subscription fee.

To take advantage of the revenue share feature, larger publishing groups need to apply online to qualify. The company is currently seeking publishers who have "run reasonably high volumes of readership," according to an announcement from Keith McSpurren, president of CoveritLive. However, 2010 foresees expansion in availability of revenue-sharing deals to other organisations as well.

Smaller users can try the CiL Basic edition, without advertising, for free.

The ad-free, paid program comes with an SLA, 24-7 support and monitoring, and will be sold by Pluck, CNET reported. The basic, ad-free edition will have a cap on the maximum number of viewers it can support.

CoveritLive also announced last week that an iPhone application is currently under review by Apple, according to iTech Report. The app will be free to members.

However, in January, CoveritLive "fell apart" during Apple's iPad announcement, CNET reported.

"Just as the event was getting started, incoming Apple fans were turned away from embedded CoverItLive live blogs on important sites like TUAW, MacWorld, and MacNN. Readers quickly abandoned many of these sites and headed to others, like Gdgt, that were using home-grown live-blogging tools," the article stated.

McSpurren said the company will learn from the iPad experience, and hopes to ensure it won't happen again, according to iTech Report.

Also in January, the company had a record month, with a total of 85 million page views.


Savita Sauvin


2010-02-12 21:31

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