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Yahoo News hires journalists for original content

Yahoo News hires journalists for original content

In an effort to increase the popularity of its news site through original content, Yahoo has recruited many journalists from print and online media agencies and opened a bureau in Washington, The New York Times reported yesterday.

The move will bring together original news articles and videos created by its team of journalists on politics and media, and those licensed from the media sources on its news site.

The journalists joining the news division of Yahoo include prominent reporters and editors like Michael Calderone from Politico, Jane Sasseen, a former BusinessWeek Washington bureau chief, and Anna Robertson, an Emmy-winning news producer from ABC's "Good Morning America," along with other journalists hired from publications like the New York Observer, Washington Post, Talking Points Memo and several others, The Times reported.

A similar effort to boost its sports coverage was implemented by the search engine about three years ago, when it hired sports journalists to create original sport content and the acquisition of, a network of sports blogs, according to The Times. However, the original content push initiative came only as a succession to the failure of its expensive ambitious project on original television-style programming.

The company has been confronting the intensifying competition from its rivals like Google and suffering the impact of weakening advertising revenues through several years, with successive executive defections and reductions in staff. However, media properties of Yahoo like news, finance and sports have managed to withstand the market conditions and are amongst the successful Web sites in their categories, according to a statement in The Times.


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