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New figures suggest Times readership is down 84%

New figures suggest Times readership is down 84%

Following reports over the weekend that the Times had lost 66 percent of its online traffic since introducing compulsory registration and a paywall in recent weeks, MediaGuardian has now reported that the Times lost almost 90% of its online readership compared to February. This is the figure that was previously predicted by Sunday Times editor John Witherow, and is, according to the Guardian, "the standard experience when a site moves to a paid-access model instead of free access."

The Guardian's calculations are based on data from Experian Hitwise (as was the 66% figure) that shows how many people have attempted to access the site and how many people register to reach the home page. Taking into account figures provided by Dan Sabbagh, Beehive City blogger and former Times media correspondent, MediaGuardian concludes that the total number of daily visitors to the Times' site has fallen by about 84 percent since May.

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2010-07-20 18:46

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