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Wired UK launches iPad app

Wired UK launches iPad app

The UK version of Wired magazine has launched its first iPad edition, priced at £2.39, reported yesterday. From 2011, the Condé Nast publication will seek to offer monthly downloads, after studying both consumers and advertisers.

"We believe the key to a successful app edition is to use multimedia to enhance storytelling rather than to distract from it: to provide video when the user really needs to 'be' somewhere, and audio when you want to hear a music track, rather than using gimmicks simply because they're an option," said Wired UK Editor David Rowan, Media Week reported.

According to Media Week, a Condé Nast spokesperson brought to light that Wired was in the process of conceiving subscription offers for loyal readers who either access the iPad app or obtain print content.

The app permits both 360 and 3D views of pictures while also offering an issue overview, a drop-down contents page, animated infographics, interactive text as well as image galleries.

The title's publisher, Rupert Turnbull, pointed out that not only does the app conserve Wired's editorial and design features, but that it bestows advertisers with the chance to have a complementary reach over the "highly responsive audience" that he claimed consisted of a significant number of "early iPad adopters," Media Week discussed.

With this digital move, the monthly title (which centres on the effect of technology on society, economy and politics) has appealed to high-end brand names such as Chanel, Burberry, tech firm Intel, Microsoft XBox and Audi to include "rich" advertising content such as videos, Media Week added.

Advertisers featured in the print edition, which costs £3.99, will also be included in the iPad app. Furthermore, advertisers wishing to have limited rich media content will be permitted to reserve a spot on the digital edition.

The U.S. edition of Wired launched an iPad app in May 2010, which obtained 100,000 downloads in June, paidContent mentioned. The number is almost 13 percent of the December 2009 circulation figure, which is 745,574. Wired UK had a circulation of 50,009 between January and June 2010, meaning that it is possible that its downloads might reach 6,501 (if the same rate is applied).

However, Wired's U.S. version has seen a plunging app download rate, which reached 32,000 in September. AdWeek outlines that "publishers are squandering an opportunity with clunky apps, bad pricing strategies and unsustainable ad tactics".

Condé Nast is scheduled to announce an app for Vogue magazine next week, which will cost £3.99.


Alisa Zykova


2010-11-05 15:40

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