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News Corp to put up WSJ-style paywalls at Australian newspapers

News Corp to put up WSJ-style paywalls at Australian newspapers

Rupert Murdoch's Australian newspapers will start charging for online content next year, News Corp. News Digital Media CEO Richard Freudenstein announced today, The Guardian revealed.

In an interview with ABC News radio, Freudenstein said The Australian, Daily Telegraph and the Herald-Sun were unlikely to follow The Times of London paywall model. "I think we're quite attracted to the Wall Street Journal model where you get the benefit of still getting a lot of your advertising revenue combining it with the ability to market yourself to a whole range of people and then upselling them into the paid part of the site," he said.

Freudenstein said The Wall Street Journal's approach "was very successful" as it allow readers to get some content for free. According to, The Times website charges £1 a day or £2 a week and it's only free for those with a print subscription, whereas the " is priced at $1.99 weekly but billed as $103.48 and includes some articles free to visitors from search listings."

The Digital Media CEO said he did not believe that in the future all the money would go into the digital market, as experts have predicted. "We think there's real opportunity to continue to grow advertising in our newspapers and we think there's a lot we can do by bundling our newspaper offering and our digital offering together."


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2010-11-19 22:57

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