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New York Times launches Science Times China

New York Times launches Science Times China

The New York Times announced in a press release today that it has teamed up with Chinese publisher Shanghai Zhenwen Advertising Co., Ltd. to launch a monthly science magazine. Science Times China, as the magazine is called, is written in Chinese and sold in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other large Chinese cities.

The press release suggests that the bulk of the magazine will consist of articles already published by the Times in English. Material will be take from the weekly science section of the Times, as well as from other relevant sections published by the Times newspaper and by However, the Times will also incorporate some local Chinese content, while still retaining full editorial control over the new publication.

Michael Greenspon, general manager of The New York Times News Services Division, is quoted in the release: "New York Times readers in all corners of the world value the news, analysis and information that our journalists offer," he states. Greenspon adds that, "with the launch of Science Times China, we welcome a new group of like-minded readers to our loyal audience who are curious about seeing the world through the lens of science and technology."

Brandon Zhou, from the new magazine's Chinese co-publisher, is also quoted in the release. "In publishing this magazine of selected content from The New York Times in Chinese, we want to cater to our readers who are eager to know what is happening in the outside world," he states.

But it is perhaps not surprising that the New York Times' new Chinese offering doesn't deal with the politics or current affairs section of the paper. Strict Chinese media censorship means that, in the past, the New York Times website itself has been blocked in the country.

Despite these challenges, the New York Times is not the only US news organisation to try to tap in to the huge Chinese market. The Wall Street Journal already offers a Chinese language publication. At the end of last year, news-reading app Flipboard also launched a Chinese edition.

Sources: Publicitas, Council on Foreign Relations, Telegraph, Flipboard


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