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It’s official: Penguin and Random House are betrothed, their parent companies Pearson and Bertelsmann announced today.

As is often the case with arranged marriages, it is hoped that this union will allow the two houses to consolidate their power: together, the book publishers are expected to control over one quarter of the U.S. and British markets, and to generate approximately £2.5 billion (or $4 billion) in annual revenue.

And as with so many weddings these days, theirs is “subject to regulatory approval;” if all goes well, they will likely tie the knot in the latter half of 2013.

The idea of huddling together was no doubt influenced by the increasing need for publishers to puff out their chests against retailing giant Amazon, which has cornered 90 percent of the UK ebook market, and nearly 40 percent of the market for all books, according to Quartz.


Emma Knight


2012-10-29 18:24

The Washington Post says that U.S. freelance journalist Austin Tice, who had not been heard from for over two weeks, "has been captured and is being held in Syrian government custody."

Patrick Thornton on Poynter reports on "How news organizations are taking advantage of the latest iPad’s features."

Twitter has announced "it will allow advertisers to more easily target their Twitter ad messages to people based on their interests," according to a story in The Wall Street Journal.

Laura Hazard Owen on the paidContent website writes that the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s ebook experiment is paying off.


Brian Veseling


2012-08-31 18:05

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