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Microsoft's new Bing iPad app, released Thursday, does more than search -- it begins to remake the newspaper experience in digital form.

The app is not being marketed as a news platform, but journalists should consider it one because it offers a great local information utility for the iPad age.

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Anton Jolkovski


2011-04-13 09:01

Microsoft's new search engine, Bing, kept on growing slowly and its market share was up another half point in October, Business Insider reported.

Bing's market share was up from 9.4 percent in September to 9.9 percent in October, according to comScore.

Compared to the figures in June this year, it has had an 18 percent growth. "That is significant, but not overwhelming," according to Business Insider.

Yahoo, however, lost almost one percentage point from 18.8 percent in September to 18 percent in October, while Google's share was up a little from 64.9 percent to 65.4 percent

The overall search volume rose 13.2 percent in October, although lower than the 17.3 percent growth in September.


Erina Lin


2009-11-17 21:45

Microsoft will run a pilot test for its new paid search ad formats, which features logos and favicons embedded in listings, Media Post reported. The formats are intended to make ads pop in search results, to attract more paid search campaign budgets to Bing from advertisers and media buyers.

The icons expand on the traditional two simple text lines and link.

According to James Colborn, director at Microsoft Advertising and long-time adCenter veteran, the market is ready and even open to more creative options. "Consumers next year will start to see a richer ad experience in search results," which stray from standard text ads, he said.

Google Search was still the leading search engine in August, up 2.6 percent to 7.0 billion searches, and with 64.6 percent share. Bing, however, also grew from 9 percent share in July to 10.7 percent in August, according to Nielsen's data.

Colborn added that Microsoft has gained in query share, and an about 40 percent growth in click-through rates. Although the new site design aims to facilitate search on keywords, it's not clear if it would benefit advertisers, Media Post reported.


Erina Lin


2009-09-21 21:57

Bing, Microsoft's new search engine, has made strides in its first month of operation, gaining on both Google and Yahoo!, CNN Money reported.

While Google's market share remained the same this month, and Yahoo! saw slight decreases of 0.5 percent, Bing gained 0.4 percentage points. The increase in figures is Microsoft's first boost in market share since January.

Since it's launch in early June, Bing has reportedly enjoyed and 8 percent increase in visitors. However, analyists remain skeptical about the continued growth of Bing, attributing its initial success to the US$150 million that Microsoft invested in a PR campaign announcing the launch of the new search engine.

Senior Internet research analysist for Collins Stewart, Sandeep Aggarwal said the heavy publicity surrounding the launch and the following buzz about the site "suggest more of a temporary gain."


Leah McBride Mensching


2009-07-16 15:32

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